"Helping moms embrace motherhood through fitness"
Are you finding it difficult to juggle motherhood while trying to get fit and healthy? Motherhood Fitness can support you with both. You can get a good workout, enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with your child. Motherhood Fitness is an instructor-led outdoor fitness class that uses the stroller, resistance bands, weights, and the environment to help you get back in shape. The best part is meeting moms just like YOU and spending time with your little one. This is a great opportunity for you and your baby to make new friends. Each class consists of a full-body workout through power walking/jogging, body toning and strengthening, core exercises, flexibility, and all the while spending time in the beauty of the outdoors with new friends. Moms, dads, or ANY caregiver are welcome. If you're pregnant and want to get a jump on meeting other moms and also get in shape, you're welcome too!
Stroller Exercise
Although classes are only an hour, many members typically spend 30-60 minutes after class at the park so the kids can play. Meanwhile moms get a chance to ask the instructor questions or just socialize. We also have Mom's Night Out once a month, organized crafts twice a month, and a recipe mama that sends out healthy, seasonal recipes once a month for our members to try. Motherhood Fitness isn't just a workout class, it's a network of mamas enjoying motherhood!